Gustav Gous

Shaping your Team and Customer Relations


Shaping your Team and Customer Relations

Nota vooraf: Dr Gustav is van Zuid Afrikaanse origine en hoewel zijn voordrachten doorgaans in het Engels gegeven worden kan hij een extra dimensie toevoegen via het Zuid Afrikaans voor een Nederlandstalig publiek.


The new architectural plan for my life.

Presented by dr Gustav Gous, Life Coach for Leaders.

Thousands of people have used the  “Get-a-life” program to take their lives to the next level.

“Absolutely the best and most worthwhile personal development course SAICA has offered …” – Chartered Accountant

Your outcomes:

  • Life/Work integration,
  • new direction,
  • a plan for the next chapter in your work and personal life
  • top ten goals and action plans
  • implementation plan according to priorities
  • how to do life-balance,
  • finding and living your life purpose in your current life stage
  • how to make life choices in the context of an overall life plan
  • how to do calamity and recovery management
  • and how to determine and manage your legacy in life

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Dr Gustav Gous (PhD CSP) is an international inspirational speaker, executive coach and corporate consultant and intervention leader. Expert in the intra- and interpersonal aspects of business and life. Certified Speaking Professional

Fields of specialization includes: 

- Life Planning: New architectural life plans for work/life integration and purposeful living (Shaping your life) 

- Diversity Intelligence: How to get diverse people to work together towards a common goals  (Shaping your Team and customer relations) 

- Personal development: Shaping your talent to bring out your brilliance through Diamond Profiling © (Shaping yourself).

- Emotional Intelligence; value formation 

- Transforming Leadership interventions 

- Keynote speaking: Motivation, Inspiration and encouragement 

- Individual counselling and coaching



Nestlé, Bayer, Toyota, Pfizer, Nedbank, Nedcor, FNB, ABSA, De Beers, Sasol, Mondi Kraft, Denel, Distell, Airbus Helicopters, Laeveld Agrochem, Momentum Metropolitan Internatinal, Le Meridien, Realty1, ERA, Telkom, Pick 'n Pay, Paris Gallery, Oryx, Hensoldt, Ipag, IMD and Sabic

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