Sarah Bigwood

Leadership Development Coach & Family Strategist



What fuels her is to produce new ideas to improve how people relate to themselves and the systems around them (a team, the family). She works on the developmental continuum; from childhood with parents by supporting them through development stages; to adulthood with leaders and their teams.

She wants to help you be more conscious of who you are to connect to your higher self and remove the toxic habits from your routine. She helps you to Wake Up. Once you welcome your new self, you can Grow Up and include more complexity, agility and energy in your life.

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Sara Bigwood is a professional coach, author, speaker, and entrepreneur who is fiercely committed to helping people wake up (be aware of patterns) to grow up (become their best self). She flourishes when she can support growth throughout the development continuum; from childhood helping parents unfold the natural development of children, to adulthood helping leaders in organizations revealing and activating their systems and potentials. Sara is a natural at helping others, hearing what they are not saying and championing her determination and enthusiasm to lead people to see, feel, and become their best self.  Sara draws from her expertise as a coach, experience as a mom and human being, and her natural creativity and vision to create solutions to grow up.


She studied communication and marketing, worked in Fortune 500 companies in Belgium before finding coaching. Sara started her own company, Pro Action Coaching, in 2007 to help leaders be more proactive and collaborate better. She designed and facilitated workshops in leadership, communication, management, conflict management, time management, and collaboration. She coached individuals and teams in big companies like Sony, NATO, GDF Suez, Pfizer, UCB, Deloitte, Belgian Public Service, as well as small companies like Emakina, Arkam, Suseia, HARPO and many more. Her clients praised her ability to understand their needs and translate them into bespoke workshops. In 2014 she sold her company to move to the US.


She met her husband, also an entrepreneur, and together they started the most exciting and challenging venture of all: living together and building a family. Becoming a mother of two was a revelation: the bond she felt, the purpose and the love gave her unique energy to be present for her family. Sara was sensitive to the importance of securing attachment with her newborns in a Western culture that seemed to have lost the connection. She refused to listen to the horrible visions of parenting other parents were sharing, so she wrote two books on how to understand and build a secure attachment with children from 0 to 3 years.


During her expatriation to New York with her family from 2014 to 2018, she focused on the system and its relationships. She used the time there, on top of developing programs and coaching, to be certified as an Organization Relationship System Coach (CRR Global) and in attachment-based child development (Neufeld Institute), adding to her certificate in Positive Discipline gained in Belgium. Sara expanded her focus to Adult Development Theory as a developmental continuum from childhood to adulthood (Robert Kegan, Bill Joiner, Jennifer Garvey Berger, Ken Wilber, Bob Anderson). Sara’s approach is unique: she is the only one focusing on the development continuum as a united path. 


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