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Tom Palmaerts is a trendwatcher and partner at European youth intelligence.


He continually expands a network of young and talented trendsetters, with his main interests being micro trends, tribes, online communities and street culture. Within Trendwolves Palmaerts conducts trend research on the next five years. He is a worldwide keynote speaker and trend consultant. Working for brands like HP, Microsoft Innovation Center, Coca-Cola, Palm, PwC, Universal Music, … Every year clients can read Trendwolves future vision in a trend report. On a daily basis brands can login to Youthr, a youth trend database for inspiration, strategy and insights.


In 2008 Tom Palmaerts was awarded “Youth trend specialist of the year” by the dutch trendwatching platform Second Sight, as a result of his drive, originality & passion. Since 2012 he teaches 'scenario thinking' and 'trendwatching' at the University College Ghent. In September 2013 Tom Palmaerts received the award 'Trendwatcher of The Year'. "He is activating and can bring things in motion."  




"Tom Palmaerts opens your eyes, with a lively mix of pictures and humor.  Short, sweet, and to the point. Eric Van Bael (Managing Director HP Belgium & Lux.) 


"A trend watching journey into the future. Inspiring, uplifting and professional!" Kasper Stuart (Chairman of Vision 2013 & 2014 and owner of Taste!)


"Een must voor iedereen die op een andere manier durft te “zien” in de toekomst van zijn eigen business." Barbara Torfs



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